Protecting the ocean

Protecting the ocean

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean." Arthur C. Clarke

The Ocean covers 72% of our Planet making possible life on Earth: it connects lands, influences weather and provides nourishment and 70% of our oxygen.

If the Ocean suffers, we suffer.

Higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are pushing the oceans beyond their ability to safely absorb the gas, leading to increased ocean temperatures and alterations in seawater chemistry, with impacts including coral bleaching, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.

Coastal development,unsustainable fisheries and aquaculture, shipping, marine pollution, and oil and gas activities are causing harm to coastal and offshore ecosystems.

All rivers run to the sea discharging into the water urban and agricultural runoffs that together with air pollutants, fuel the growth of plants that suck up oxygen and create dead zones. Plastics from around the world float and concentrate in garbage patchs which are nature's biggest dumps. Toxic elements travel around the food chain.

It is important to change behaviours first and try to do our best to protect our seas and our environment.