The Mandolino boat is designed and equipped for the collection, storage and disposal of macro-pollutants from the sea in port areas, canals, bays and along the coasts. It has been specifically conceived to operate in narrow areas and shallow waters where larger vessels, with the same technical abilities, would not have access. It has excellent sea going qualities, which allow the boat to reach the same high level of performance in open waters.
The boat has been certified for navigation within three miles from the coast and in internal water areas. The catamaran hull is built entirely in reinforced fiberglass with stainless steel accessories and collection equipment on deck.
The two hulls of the catamaran are connected at deck level with a rigid structure. Each hull is subdivided by watertight bulkheads, which form four individual watertight compartments to guarantee that the boat remains afloat even in case of leakage. Each compartment is provided with an inspection hatch. The catamaran's hull conformation directs the water flow towards the center of the boat where two propellers, situated behind the collection basket, create a very efficient suction flow. The macro-pollutants are conveyed in the hydraulically driven collection basket, which discharges into the storage container on deck.
A reinforced plate, on which the outboard engine is secured, is centrally positioned on the stern. The pilot's bridge is at the center of the boat and is protected by a canvas cover. The equipment for the collection of macro-pollutants is positioned behind the storage basket. The main propeller guarantees reduced consumption (3 liters per hour of diesel-oil) and excellent maneuverability.
The boat is driven by an outboard diesel engine, which has the following characteristics: Diesel 4-stroke, direct injection, seawater-cooling system, forced lubrication. The remote controlled outboard propelling system is operated directly from the pilot's bridge. A protective cage that enables the boat to operate safely even in presence of swimmers covers the three-bladed screw. The hydraulic plant, powered by the outboard engine, supplies the boat's equipment. The controls are on the pilot's bridge. An automatically recharging battery feeds the electric starter at 12Vcc. The outboard engine is provided with a low emission water-cooled discharging system.


Length overall
6,10 mt
Hull length overall
6,10 mt
2,48 mt
Construction height
1,00 mt
Maximum draft
0,40 mt
89 kw
12 knots
Collection capacity
0,50 m³
Rec-oil capacity
15,0 m³
Treatment capacity
2000 m³