Globeco has won the European tender for the engineering and construction of the scientific and technological research vessel for ICRAM (Central Institute for the scientific and technological Research - environmental Ministry). The vessel has been realized in order to operate in the most flexible way, both for the scientific requirements (the vessel is able to transport and utilize any equipment which can fit inside the boat), both for the logistic requirements (the vessel operates through all the Mediterranean sea without limitations of distance from the coast).
The environmental impact has been minimized during the construction and the equipment installation; the vessel is equipped in fact with a cleansing implant for all the drainages, low acoustic emissions plants, hull shape and propeller chosen in order to minimize the wave shape.
The vessel is able to perform:
- oceanographic research both on surface and in depth, under coast and in high sea;
- single-beam and multibeam sounding for idrographic purposes;
- tugboat functions and ROVs and AUVs utilization;
- surface and depth berth posing;
- transportation and utilization of an auxiliary vessel;
- aid for submarine teams;
- utilization of fish nets for scientific purposes

R.I.NA CLASS C ( ex 100-A-1.1).

Ship for scientific and technologic research

Scientific equipment
On the superstructure there is a Dry Lab with four working places and a Wet lab with a steel working place, a washbasin with tap and sea water, fridge and freezer. The total surface of the Dry lab and the Wet lab is about 20 mq.
The working place on the stern (50 mq) has been fitted with A-Frame and oceanografic winch for cable with a 1,2 Tonn static fire; telescopic crane with a 300 kg hanging load with a 5 meters opening. At the end of the stern is located a hold for the equipment.


Length overall
23,70 mt
6,10 mt
60 tons
1,09 mt
22 knots