Oil and Macropollution Recovery Operations

Environment Ministry - Sea Defense, since 1999

Patrolling and recovery operations act to fight sea pollution.


Italian Military Marine, Maricommi, Taranto 2006

Prevention, reclamation, and disposal of the hydrcarbon pollution from the waters of Maribase.


Calabria Region, Catanzaro, 2005-2006

Cleaning of the surface waters of the coastal areas in Calabria.


Naples Province, 2005

Macro-pollution recovery in the coastal waters of Ischia Island.


Sanremo, 2004-2005

Anti-pollution service and cleaning of the coastlines in the Sanremo Municipality.


Consorzio per le Attività Turistiche Torresi - CATT, 2003

Anti-pollution service in the coastlines between Torre del Greco (NA) and Torre Annunziata (NA).


Kuwait Petroleum Italia, 1998-2004

Antipollution service in the petroil dock areas of the port of Naples KUPIT.


Caserta, 2001

Cleaning and anti-pollution service in the coastlines of Caserta Province, Environment, Ecology and Civil Protection Sector.


Naples, 1998

Emergency oilspill antipollution response service in the Port of Naples for the “Alimuri” Tug.


Base US Navy of Naples, 1996–1997

Antipollution service for the American Military Ships in the Port of Naples.


AGIP S.p.A., 1995

Emergency oil-spill response in the Venetian Lagoon.


La Coruna, December 1992

Recovery operations following the accident of the "Mar Egeo" ship.


Mercantile Marina Ministry, 1991

Emergency “Haven” oil spill response. Accident of the oil tanker "Haven". 19 Pelicans, 13 Grancevolas, 2 fast boats, 1 Crab, and 1 Dolphin where deployed, and 3.500.000 liters of petroil where recovered.


Mercantile Marina Ministry, from 1989 to 1990

Anti-pollution service and mucillage fighting in the Adriatic sea.


Mercantile Marina Ministry, from 1985 to 1990

Anti-pollution service along the Italian coastlines.


Pozzuoli, July 1988

M/V "Pacifico" accident. Pelicans, amphibious vessels and a Crab where deployed.


San Giovanni a Teduccio (NA), August 1987

Accident at the Mobil Oil terminal. 2 Pelicans collected 108.000 liters of oil and 23,5 m3 of solid hydrocarbons.


Capri, September 1987

The "Everest" oil tank runs aground the coasts in Capri. Pelicans are employed.


Porto Torres (Sardinia) May 1986

Accident at the ANIC factory. 1 vessel collects in one week 22.500 liters of hydrocarbons and emulsions.


Gaeta and Torre del Greco, 1986

Accidental oil spills antipollution service.


Messina, March 1985

The greek oil tanker "Patmos" loaded with 80.000 tonns of oil is spurred by a spanish boat in the Messina canal. Several vessels employed recovered 200.000 liters of oil.


Naples, Dicember 1985

After the explosion of a number of tanks in the Agip deposits, huge quantities of hydrocarbons where polluting the port of Naples. 2 Pelican recovered 57.000 liters of oil.