The Pelican is to be considered the symbol of Globeco. It is a multipurpose boat which treats the water pollution caused by solid and liquid floating waste; the boat is also equipped for water oxygenation, reef cleaning, fire-fighting and water analysis and monitoring.

Operating with its open jaws, at a speed of two knots, the boat collects everything floating. The Pelican works with an aspiration flow generated by the special screw, which works as a pump; it can operate standing still, filling a container, which is shifted along vertical guides. The garbage is automatically dumped into a large movable container.

When an oil spill occurs, the boat sucks the polluted water that flows to a hydrocarbon processor which, working under vacuum separates water from oil with an accuracy of the 98%. The oil, with a negligible degree of emulsion, is then transferred to storage containers by a gear pump. The cycle allows the collection of 15 cubic meters per hour.

Water oxygenation is a treatment used specifically for hydrocarbon pollution, foam and surface suspension of minute particles. The technology applied uses a Venturi-effect grid, which pushes a water-air mix into the waters. Oxygenation is particularly efficient in stagnant waters and in areas subjected to trophism, helping the restoration of the normal conditions.

Using its powerful water cannon, the Pelican removes oily residues, incrustations and organic matters from the reefs, quays, docks, etc. The water cannon placed on the stern of the boat is also employed for efficient fire fighting, also exploiting the easy handling of the Pelican.

The Pelican is equipped with a laboratory for water analysis. Physical and chemical parameters are taken under the sea level and analyzed in real time on board. When the analysis to be done are particularly delicate, the boat is equipped to store the water samples and then bring them to a laboratory ashore.


10,50 mt
2,48 mt
1,90 mt
Average draft
0,80 mt
10 tons
8 knots