Campania Agreement

The areas interested in this project include the Campania region waters from the Garigliano springs to Sapri including four gulfs: Gaeta, Naples, Salerno, and Policastro. Placed in 28 operatives bases, 28 Pelicans have collected in a year 7000 cubic meters of solid matters so composed: 54% plastic bags; 24% wood; 9.3% seaweed; 7.8% various solid waste; 3.8% organic waste.
Superficial foams removal and reefs cleaning had been carried out in addition to garbage collection.
The Pelican's activity at sea has been integrated with cleaning and reclaiming interventions along the shore.
During the summer four beachcrafts and 2 Crabs integrated with the Pelicans have worked in reclamation of land and cleaning of sandy beaches. During the winter, the Crabs and the beach cleaners have treated an area of 360.000 square meters, obtaining better land use, cutting Shrubs, leveling humps and therefore restoring the natural biologic functions.