Po Project

The project area, the river Po basin, was located around Turin (North Italy), the pollution consisted in floating garbage, oil spills and chemical products. The project consisted in the cleaning and the monitoring of the waters. The strategy was based on: A laboratory ship; The operative potentiality of 1 Crab, ideal for the muddy waters of that area;
The operative potentiality of 1 Pelican, also fitted with on board sensors for the analysis of river waters not navigable by the mother ship;
The laboratory ship was equipped for the local monitoring (e.g. with on board sensors), in order to define the characteristics and sources of pollution, its dynamics and geographic distribution, as well as the identification of the fundamental hydraulic and geometric parameters. The ship provided control surveillance and intervention services in the waters of the Po and its principal tributaries.The monitoring operations included the following steps: 
A) Data acquisition: Identification of pollutant sources and their characteristics; Analysis of the hydrobiological modifications (eutrophication) and hygienic-sanitary modification (fecal bacterial flora) and the definition of their geographic and temporal distribution; Monitoring the above mentioned modifications; Identification of the local sources of macropollutants and the means of transport of these from remote sources.
B) Information integration and processing.
C) Diffusion of the information (transmission of the data collected and processed to the administrative authorities).