Other projects


A Pelican operated successfully for a long period in Bombay harbor under the direct control of the local Port Authorities as a primary step for a specific elaborated plan.


Ramoge International Agreement

This international committee chooses the Pelican for anti-pollution service along the coastal area of the French Riviera, Monaco and Liguria.


Department Des Alpes Maritimes

This organization has been using the Pelican for several years for marine antipollution service. The results have been most satisfactory as can be seen from the attached report by the Direction de Equipment on work carried out on their behalf by the Pelican.


Hong Kong

A Pelican operated in the harbor of Hong Kong in 1987, recuperating all types of floating debris, algae and hydrocarbons.



A Pelican operated for three months on Split coast during the summer of 1988, recuperating macro and micro pollution.



Under the direction of our subsidiary company Ecolmare Iberica in Barcelona, we have at present 10 Pelicans working to recuperate all types of floating and semi-submerged debris.



Under the direction of our subsidiary company Ecolmare de Portugal - Servicios de Despoluição - with offices in Lisbon, we had 3 Pelicans, 1 Grancevola, 4 Beach cleaners and 1 system of Aquadata. These vessels operated for a 5-month period in 1990 for the Giunta di Turismo, collecting macro-pollution along the coast and cleaning the beaches.



A Pelican operated for six months during 1992 on the Seine River.



A Pelican operated in 1992 in the Port of Pyreus.



Two Pelicans are employed to clean the polluted waters of Buenos Aires Harbor.