The Dolphin represents the flagship of Globeco's fleet, and it strengthens and optimizes the already tested solution on the boat that has always been the symbol of Globeco: the Pelican.
The Dolphin is an ecological multipurpose boat to different functions such as: oil spill recovery; laying of floating booms; macropollution collection; chemical spill recovery; monitoring; fire fighting; water oxygenation.
The Dolphin is qualified to navigate up to 20 miles from the coasts. The particular shape of the hull favors operations also in weather conditions. Thanks to its high speed, the Dolphin can reach the operation areas very quickly, so to reduce the expansion of the oil on the surface of the waters. The Dolphin is a REC-OIL boat and it can stow in its tanks the collected oil. The Dolphin is equipped with floating booms disclosing system capable to lay over 400 meters of booms in few minutes: these booms are inflatable and suitable to oceanic use. While collecting macropollution and oil, the Dolphin operates with its open jaws. Macropollution and oil are flown in to a separator, which works with a vacuum system driven by an auxiliary engine. On the bow deck the Dolphin has a crane to collect large floating wastes. A bow-thruster allows the Dolphin to move in restricted areas without problems. Thanks to a computerized system, all the services can be operated both from the pilot cabin and a portable console. In an air-conditioned room placed just behind the cabin is installed a well-equipped analysis laboratory, integrated with the radio positioning, the weather station, the stream study and the bathimetric depth relief systems.


15,50 mt
4,41 mt
6,90 mt
Average draft
1,20 mt
38 tons
12 knots