Cleaning and Oxygenation

Docks, Reefs and Beach Cleaning

Utilizing the powerful water cannon, the vessels remove oily residues, incrustations, and organic matters from reefs, quees, docks, etc.
The water cannon is employed for efficient fire fighting, exploiting also the easy manouvrability of the vessels. A powerful amphibious vehicle, "Crab" and "Beach Cleaners" of different typologies, perform a beach cleaning service.The Crab is also able to dredge up sand from the seabed up to 100 mt from the coast, and spread it on the beach, combating the common and difficult erosion problems.


Water Oxygenation

Water oxygenation is a treatment used for hydrocarbon pollution, foams and surface suspensions of minute particles irisation. A water-air mix is pushed into the waters by a sophisticated Venturi system. Oxygenation is particularly efficient in stagnant waters and in areas subject to trophism, helping the restoration of the normal conditions.