Research & Development

Globeco's organization develops all projects, designs and builds new equipment, plans modular systems for combating specific pollution situations. In these activities the Company employs a wide range of computer hardware and specialized software procedures, which ensure notable versatility and excellent quality of final products and services.

Globeco carries out uninterrupted research into the various solutions for all types of environmental pollution updating its status, where appropriate, of existing equipment and operation procedures. Its highly qualified organization of experienced professional staff is constantly in search of advanced technical solutions to deal with a wide range of international situations. The Company invests 5 to 7% of its turnover in research and development. The R&D Department guarantees continuous technical and scientific updating.
Globeco's staff cooperates with Italian and foreign universities and with international research bodies thus broadening knowledge and exchange of information.
Among some of the Globeco's projects are the marine laboratory implementation and the plant for macro-weed composting.

Globeco's R&D department, with the partnership of italian and foreign universities, has also developed projects for the implementation of technologies and processes for:
- Biomasses harvesting
- Composting
- Exsiccation for agro zootechnical utilization
- Biogas
- Bioproducts

The Globeco's laboratory has spent energies and resources to study the Ulva Lactuga's behavior, which has been treated in various ways.

Globeco owns a wide range of different vessels, including the Mandolino, the Pelican, the ECO 2000, the Crab, the Dolphin, the Grancevola, the Paguro, the Barbone, and the Junkeater, as well as "tailored on purpose" special equipment. The Company’s Technical Department designs these specialized boats by using CAD-CAM Procedures. Globeco trains its staff and crew to ensure quality and proficiency.