Eco 2000

The Eco 2000 - one of the latest developments from Globeco - is a multi-purpose boat designed and built by the group's technical team to handle ecological problems of all kinds.
The designs for the Eco 2000 were drawn up after five years' experience working with the Central Inspectorate of Marine Defense of the Italian Merchant Navy. It has been constructed for REC-OIL service under the strict supervision of the Italian Naval Register.
It is a high-speed boat and can be rapidly deployed to the site of an emergency without delay, performing well in the most difficult of weather conditions in harbors, on coastlines and at sea.
To combat pollution at sea, it: isolates the polluted area with inflatable booms carried on board in order to recover hydrocarbon spills; collects and stores solid floating and semi-submerged waste; fights fires; cleans rocks and reefs; oxygenates water; monitors and analyses water samples in real time; provides general support in the area.
A close look at the boat reveals the following features: an innovative hull structure which enables a speed of up to 12 knots; suction provided by a system of aspiration, independent from the boat's propulsion. This allows both systems to function at peak efficiency; storage tanks for oil-waste with a capacity of 10.2 cubic meters; a high pressure water-cannon to clean water barriers, reefs and docks, and to extinguish flames; sufficient provision on deck to install additional auxiliary equipment such as booms, winches and tow-fish systems; a portable laboratory to carry out water analysis in real time; a two-motor propulsion system; a spacious cabin with sleeping quarters for crew members.
To contain pollution from oil spills, the Eco 2000 swiftly deploys 500 meters of inflatable floating booms. It is fitted with a vacuum oil separator, which has been endorsed by the Italian Naval Register and the CETENA. To collect macropollution and hydrocarbons, the jaws of the Eco 2000 open a skimming span of 7.5 meters.
With the laboratory on board, tests are carried out on water samples to evaluate their physical and chemical qualities and ascertain the condition of the water. If a more specialized analysis is required, the samples can easily be stored and transported to laboratories on land.
The boat provides anti-pollution services both close to shore and in port areas, as well as out on the open sea. Its size, speed and increased scope allow it to function equally well when monitoring or cleaning harbors and coastal waters, or when dealing with emergencies even in high seas.


14,70 mt
4,00 mt
5,50 mt
Average draft
0,90 mt
12 tons
Work speed
5 knots
Maximum speed
12 knots