Proteus Oil Spill Mapping


PROTEUS oil spill mapping (PROTEUS - OSM) – is a patrolling project, composed by a naval unit equipped with one or more UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The UAVs will operate with an integrated IR/UV, VIDEO system to detect pollutants (hydrocarbons and solids) and a GPS. 
All data (chemical and physical characteristics of the pollutant, wind and currents influences, polluting source movements) will be transmitted in real time, so that the naval units will be able to intervene and control the oil spill.

Other fields of application of UAVs for naval support:

Security and control of the areas around oil platforms at sea and extraction wells on ground (sensitive targets).
Monitoring and coordination activities in risk areas: inspection and maintenance at high altitude, proximity of fires, in human health risk areas.
Freight transport ground on board -ground.
Vessel traffic control and operational control.
Mapping, reconnaissance and aerial photography.
Monitoring of algae and weeds growth.
•Coordination and support of oceanographic research.
Navigation support.
•Support to professional fishing.