Globeco is a world leader in the field of ecological vessels for the antipollution, the monitoring, and patrolling of the waters.

All the activities are related to the safeguarding, the control and the protection of the aquatic environment, some of the main services include: harvesting of water plants, algae, floating and semi-submerged waste matter; collection and separation of hydrocarbons and mineral oils, oil spill combating, cleaning of docks and reefs, removal of foams; fire fighting; supply activities by the means of specialized tugs. 

In 30 years of activity the Company has designed, built, and marketed more than 225 boats that have been exported all over the world.

Globeco’s most versatile fleet offers a wide range of highly specilizedservices all over the world.

We support offshore explorations, including towing and anchor handling,supply, equipment and personnel transportation together with pollutionand fire-fighting control.

 With their open decks the vessels can transport large quantities ofmaterials, they can produce and supply fresh water and provide generalassistance.

The Company owns an anti-pollution fleet and 4 offshore units:

-       1 Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel with 60 tons Bollard Pull and 4200 bhp.

-       1 Oil -Rec Ocean Going Tug  60 tons Bollard Pull and  4400 bhp. 

-       1 Ocean Going Tug " rampart 32 " Robert Allan Design with 65 tons Bollard Pull and 3600 kw.

-       1 Oil -rec utility vessel  for rec-oil assistance and "Salvage" service.

In year 2015 the fleet will also include other units: AHTS DP2 of 8-11000 bhp.

In July 2015 the AVIC Weihai shipyard will deliver to Globeco a Dry cargo Handymax Bulk carrier Eco type of 37.650 tons DWT